For Plenty of power. Asus A8Js left side view view large image. The full specs are below:. Not too shabby, I thought it would be worse so I was pleasantly surprised. The silver-and-black chassis weighs 5. Since the A8Js has so much power in such a small package, I worried that a tradeoff for all that power would be large amounts of noise and heat making using it on my lap a risky affair. Click to enlarge The battery itself is a 6-cell model rated at

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This laptop is exactly what I was looking for and it serles last me on through law school. The Asus A Series is aimed at mobile users looking for an all-in-one solution that doesn’t compromise on power.

Now heat and noise, or lack thereof, are pretty important to me.

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The black keyboard contrasts nicely with the silver case and the Asus logo on the lid of the laptop is understated but still impressive. Asus A8Js back view and lid view large image. Against Disappointing battery life Cramped keyboard.

a8m Besides pressing the release button, we had to use a flat screwdriver to help pop the battery out. Laptops with that size are somewhat rare, nowadays.

Flip the lid and you’ll find a sharp-looking silver keyboard deck with a full-sized black keyboard. This laptop is exactly what I was looking for and it should last me on through law school. Build quality proved acceptable, with a solid feel.


This display size represents a treshold between the small sizes of subnotebooks and ultrabooks and the standard-sizes of office- and multimedia laptops on the other hand.

During my days at the University of Washington, I could do most of my gaming at the school computer lab, but after graduating it became obvious that my Compaq seriez falling woefully short. The full specs are below:.

The strong performance coupled with the beautiful screen really enhanced the gaming experience. The keyboard is comfortable to use, though the glossy touchpad takes some getting used to. As you would expect from the compact design, the keyboard is rather cramped.

Notebook Trio: ASUS A8JS and G2P and ABS Mayhem Z5

Serids played Counter-strike 1. We only wish the Fn key and the Ctrl key locations were reversed, as we are accustomed to having the Ctrl key in the bottom-left corner of our keyboards. The touchpad feels almost identical to the rest of the laptop. It’s not the sturdiest of screens, and we found a degree of bounce as we typed.

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Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. The silver-and-black chassis weighs 5.

Das zweite Gesicht Source: Log in Don’t have an account? The A8Js feels extremely sturdy and the difference when compared with my Compaq is like the difference between an S-Class Mercedes Benz and a Daewoo although I read that Daewoo is making a turnaround — albeit not in the United States. Gaming isn’t a priority for us and the 17″ is too big for good portability and just gets in the serjes when used with a big screen on a desk. I had read on the forums of NotebookReview.


The Sony SZ seemed underpowered in terms of graphics capabilities compared to the other candidates and the W3J seemed too expensive and lacked a webcam. The A8Js comes with Windows XP Professional and Asus is a part of the Vista Express Upgrade program so if you buy it during the promotional period, you should have a free or at least subsidized upgrade to the new Windows Vista.

The display is quite thin and flexible, with most of the weight taken up by the main serles of the laptop. It should also be noted that not once during all of our testing have we encountered any problems with this laptop – no crashes, lockups, or any other unexpected behavior. For Plenty of power. We show the least amount of ads whenever possible.

I bought this laptop because my old laptop, a Compaq Presario Pentium 4 2.

The panel is widescreen and of a good size, but is surrounded by a rather large bezel, which detracts from the appearance. It is possible to upgrade the processor to something faster, although doing so does require a bit of effort and voids your warranty.