It took our Vaio about five minutes to update the PS from 0. Continue through the card. But regardless of the politics behind this revolution, we’ve gotten ridiculously fond of these 6x8s. The Main Page displays a set of eight icons. Plan ahead and buy online.

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Functions available include Move, Rotate not really necessaryResize and Copies.

In addition to yellow, cyan and magenta dyes, the ribbon contains a clear coating. Don’t be surprised if your friends mistake this printer for a futuristic video phone feel free to lie about it. The PS cleaning kit will be available in June, the company said. Apologies for repeating ourselves every time we review a Hi-Touch printer, but dye sub printing remains an exotic technology.

We’ve updated the firmware on several Hi-Touch printers in the past without ever encountering a problem.

The PS isn’t just a good idea. The printers only weighs Buy an 8×10 frame with a 5×7 mat or cut your own 6×8 mat for an 8×10 frame. It’s no wonder that some professional photographers use HiTi photo printers instead of conventional hitk labs! We found that tidy format delightful for groups of three images. When you’ve finished, press Print to batch print the set.


The Main Page displays a set of eight icons. Just how much resolution do you need to print a 6×8 dye sub. ID Photo is a pair of special ID photo formats that use matching die-cut photo paper.

HiTi Photo Printer PS Specs – CNET

Our first few prints were marred by dust spots. A quality dustcover for the series is now available and will keep your printer looking like new. Built-in support for seven types of memory card: The Paper Cassette The Ribbon Cartridge Like other Hi-Touch dye sub printers, you simply place the printer, attach the controller and open a small door to load the phtoo cassette. Once the memory card is installed in the printer, images can be selected using the hand controller on the left hand side of the unit.

The PS can be operated without a computer thanks to the handy controller and its 1. Xd memory can also be used with an additional adapter. Both paper loading and ribbon insertion are very simple. If you already hold an account with AVD the goods will be dispatched the same day.

Photo Printer 730PS

But pausing at 6×8 has a number of advantages. The ribbon is especially noteworthy because it isn’t delivered on a spool that has to be threaded but in a cartridge that simply pops into place.

BTW, we recently had to run out to buy some paper for our PS. Printing Speed does not include data transmission time. But the direct prints were fine, too. Of course, on the computer, prnter resized our images between and percent and ran an unsharp mask filter to optimize them for the printer — something you aren’t likely to do printing directly from a card.

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At home or in the office you connect the PS directly to your PC with the included USB cable and use it like any other color printer.

We are approved by Trading Standards!

HiTi 730ps Sublimation Photo Printer

And the PS is apparently able to update firmware from its memory card slot, like the other Hi-Touch printers. You can edit printed before printing rotate, resize, brightness, contrast, color, etc.

The manual suggests covering the printer when not in use to prevent dust from entering it. Innards Exposed Find the cassette and filter Both paper loading and ribbon insertion are very simple.

The company has its own production team and manufacturing plant just outside Shanghai in Suzhou, China.