Has four sockets, uses the GX chipset, and supports the Itanium processor. Clear queue Compare 0. Based on the PM Moab controller chip. A small town with a rich artistic history located on the Monterey Peninsula. First Intel chipset to use a PCH.

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List of Intel codenames

Intel DG33BU desktop motherboard. Most Conroes are dual-core, although some single-core versions were also produced. Reference unknown; see Deerfield auburndalw for possibilities. Intel DGCZ desktop motherboard. Intel DPBZ desktop motherboard.

Intel X series server Ethernet adapters. Merced River or Lake MercedCalifornia. Xeon Phi, a “many integrated core” MIC processor based on the Larrabee core and having 50 or more cores.

The island of Auburnale in Indonesia. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Successor to Bearlake on the desktop and Seaburg on the server.


Arrndale networking module in the Shark Bay Centrino platform. Based on the PM Moab controller chip. Gordon Moore Robert Noyce. NianticA goldrush-era ship shipwrecked under the city of San Francisco. Introduced in the third quarter ofthese components used bipolar Schottky transistors.

Intel L Ethernet controller. Intel X Ethernet controller.

List of Intel microprocessors

High-end server platform based on the Ivy Bridge -EX processor. Intel DEFV desktop motherboard. The first dual-core Xeon, essentially a dual-core Irwindaleand similar to the desktop Smithfield.

Part of the Montevina platform. Supports up to four Pentium Prcessor processors. Part of the Santa Rosa platform. Test version of the Yonah processor, never commercialized. Intel DB65AL desktop motherboard. Named after a suburb of AucklandNew Zealand.

Arrandale – Wikipedia

Intel DH61ZE desktop motherboard. Aimed at high-end smartphones. Mendocino CountyCalifornia. Intel SAI2 server motherboard. Acer Aspire – BG32Mnkk.

Intel HD Graphics Media Accelerator Driver for Windows Vista/7 Driver – TechSpot

Based on procezsor Ophir controller chip. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Possibly Tannera place in King County, Washington. This article possibly contains original research.